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Where Tourism and Silver Meet

An extraordinary city with an ancient mining tradition where visitors discover an infinite number of scenes to make the heart and imagination sing. Steep cobblestone twisting streets draw one to cozy plazas past old homes covered with cascading flowers. All is built following the irregular curves and hills of the land. The town itself is surrounded by high mountains.

Taxco has been designated one of Mexico's "Pueblos Magicos." Only a small number of towns receive this award, they must have a very special historic or religious value and retain their authentic charm.

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Santa Prisca

Built to conform to the narrow lot. Constructed between 1751 and 1758 at the initiative of Don Jose de la Borda, hiring the best architects of the time.

Emilia Castillo Display

Interior of the shop dedicated to the wonderful items of Emilia Castillo. A wall mural depicts the town of Taxco.

Pinedas Shop

Interior of the beautiful shop of Pinedas. Besides the jewelry, there are numerous works of art to admire, such as this silver mermaid holding a shell with help from four fish.

Casa Humboldt

Built in the middle of the 18th century. Alexander von Humboldt, the famous German naturalist, spent a night here in 1803 after which it was designated Casa Humboldt.

Spratling Museum

A lively, colorful market is located in front and to the side of the entrance. Inside are 293 pieces of pre-Hispanic art collected and donated by William Spratling.

Jade Skull

One of the principal pieces in the Spratling museum. The card reads: "Human skull decorated with turquoise mosaic. Ritual piece that formed part of a pre-Hispanic altar..."

William Spratling

Benefactor of Taxco, know as "Don Guillermo" by everyone in Taxco, he is remembered daily with affection by the thousands of people who work and live there.

Taxco Streets

Balloon vender walking the narrow streets of Taxco. The towers of the church of Santa Prisca are seen in the background.

Restaurant Bar Paco

Top floor of Bar Paco. Only a few of Hubert Harmon's famous burro murals are still there.

Taxco's Inclines

Typical street in Taxco: narrow, angled and on an incline! But picturesque no matter where you turn.

Taxco's Views

All streets lead to fantastic views of the town and surrounding mountains.

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