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Higgins Glass Dinner Dwarf


Higgins Dinner Dwarf is a small plate/ashtray made with Blots and Dots. It is seen on page 189 of the Higgins Poetry in Glass by Johnson and Piña. The engraved signature on the reverse is the lower case “higgins” and it also has the raised figure of “Dancing Man”. This dates it to 1951-1957 at the Wells Street Studio. The “Dancing Man” or “Stickman” pieces are Studio pieces, not mass-market production pieces and fewer are in circulation. This one is white, black and gold.

Item Number: U88A690

Marks: Engraved lower case higgins and Dancing Man

Measurement: Slightly under 3-1/2"

Condition: Very good

To purchase our Higgins Glass Dinner Dwarf, please Contact Us with the Item Number and any questions you may have. Thank you.